Worcester and Birmingham Canal

26th September, 2021

TEAMS OF FOUR 26th Sptember 2021

John team

Keith team

Mick Watson team

Jimmy team

Paul Wilson team

Colin Petifer team

TLA Red (Team London Angling)

TLA Blue (Team London Angling)

Storeysmatch Group

Sensas Red

Sensas Blue

Sensas Black

further teams to be announced: Contact Keith Hunt 07918 106533

Cavalier Cup 2021


John Moloney Team Birmingham & Worcester Canal 26/09/21

Cavalier Cup 2021

Runners Up

Absolutely Delighted Presenting Team London Angling TLA Red Squad CAVALIER CUP 2021, Runners Up. Worcester and Birmingham Canal, 26/09/21 💪🏆🎣❤️

Dave Ward (Guest Browning) Captain
Jeff Brittain
Steven Randall
Steve Crawley

Cavalier Cup 2021

3rd Place

Sensas Smithy's MG Birmingham & Worcester Canal 26/09/21

CAVALIER CUP 2021 TLA Red and TLA Blue 26/09/21
TLA Red Squad Runners Up 💪🏆🎣

From left to right:
Jeff Brittain, Steven Randell, Dave Ward (Guest Browning), Um ? not sure someone has photobombed the picture 😆 Wayne Meek, Greg Roberts, Andy Reid, Steve Crawley. Mitch Hudson, Shaun Luke


Dave Ward - Captain

(Special Guest Browning UK)

Steve Crawley

Jeff Brittain

Steven Randall


Andy Reid - Captain

Greg Roberts

Mitch Hudson

Wayne Meek

work in progress thanks for your patience